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who we are

We are a busines and technology consultancy with a difference.

Beyond being a group of skilled consultants, architects, engineers, developers, analysts, designers and writers, we are an ecclectic group of musicans, rock climbers, kick boxers, photographers, dog lovers, hackers, gamers and above all, geeks.

We exist as a result of our ability to function, argue, adapt, evolve, and prevail together as a tight-knit group of individuals who value one another and our collective culture.

We love what we do and consistently have a great time doing it.

what we do

First and foremost, we are Google Enterprise Partner and GeoMash Diamond Partner.

Our core strengths are cloud computing, creating rich map-based applications both on the web and in the enterprise and agile software development.

At the end of the day, we are a building full of business and technology geeks, therefore we are also a generalist CODI (Consulting, Outsourcing, Development & Integration) firm.

our partners

We are one of the most experienced Google Enterprise Partners in the world, with experience dating back to 2005 in Australia when Google first Launched their enterprise products outside the USA.

We are proud to be an inaugural Global Partner of Stoic, a revolutionary platform allowing users to turn spreadsheets into powerful cloud based apps without writing a single line of code.

We have been responsible for some of the largest and most complex deployments in the region.

We are a GeoMash Diamond Partner which means we have contributed to the development of the platform. We were the first GeoMash partner accredited at the launch of the program.

Google Stoic GeoMash


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The pace is fast and the work is challenging, but the rewards are great and the potential is unlimited.

We employ only the brightest candidates and believe it is imperative that our people are passionate about their chosen field of expertise.

Even if you don't see a position that fits, we're always open to hiring the best people... go ahead, apply anyway.

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Featured Solutions

Google Earth Enterprise
Google Earth

Google Earth Enterprise is comprised of two distinct software packages that work together to build and host your private Google Earth and Google Maps layers.

End users then view the complete Google Earth and Maps in the Google Earth Enterprise Client or in a browser like Google Maps.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Google Maps API allows you to create mashups from your data and the maps, satellite imagery and terrain data that Google have in '' and embed them in your public website.

Google Maps API Premier is the enterprise version of the Google Maps API that allows you to embed maps and mashups into your corporate applications; access controlled web apps; and track assets via GPS, LBS or other sensor signals.

GeoMash Solutions
GeoMash Solutions

With GeoMash, you no longer need to be a software developer to create rich and powerful map-based apps. A robust UI allows you to rapidly deploy most common use cases without writing a single line of code.

GeoMash also has a robust, comprehensive set of business logic, workflow and intention aware APIs that make developing more advanced geospatial solutions quick and easy.

We take the best practices of business, technology and marketing and fuse them to provide innovative solutions that differentiate our clients from their competition.

Our clients include Start Ups, SMEs, MNCs and Government Agencies around APAC and beyond.

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